Personally, today was not a great day. Some losses. I think it’s important to share, as humans, that we all have ups and downs.  Mindfulness works for both.

When I work with a patient who has depression and their goal is to “be happy”, I spend time chatting with them about the natural range of emotions.

mindfulness for sad days

Loss and sadness happens – it’s a part of life. If we’re lucky, we get to choose how to respond to it.

Once upon a time I would have replayed the crap events over and over again in my mind. I probably would have picked up a pizza and curled up on the couch for a netflix marathon.

When I got home today, I didn’t immediately numb my emotions with food, internet or tv. I spent some time thinking about what I really wanted to do tonight – what would nourish my body and soul.

It took some time, but I feel like a yoga class with a good sweat is what I need to relax my mind and body.

So Multi-Level Hatha it is!

I’m so proud of my ability to make healthy choices that fit with my values (health) and use my mindfulness attitudes (letting go of attachment) to do so.


How do you deal with low moods?