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In 2007 I developed a panic disorder while in my 5th year of training to be a psychotherapist (no, the irony is not lost on me;)


By 2008, I’d had Compassion Fatigue for so long that I was burning out and ready to leave the career I had spent 6 years training in.


At the time I was a bit of a perfectionist – I took on too many responsibilities and struggled with saying “No”. I had been dealing with chronic stress for years and was very unhappy with my life, my health and how out of balance I felt.


So I spent the next few years researching and becoming trained in ways to help myself, and others, recovery from anxiety, panic disorder and Compassion Fatigue.


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Behavioral Health Therapy


Behavioural Health Psychology is one of the primary frameworks I use to help people reduce their stress, feel better and achieve healthy goals.  It helps you recognize the way your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are regularly impacting you – from feeling happy, to content to sad/mad/worried.   The main focus in on trying new behaviours that help you feel better, interact with your family/friends in a positive way and improve you quality of life.  This is not traditional talk therapy – you will be asked to try new things to see new results.

I offered Behavioural Health Therapy in doctors’ offices from 2013 to 2018 and now offer it online to adults in Canada and the United States. Click Here to Learn More.


Behavioral Health Classes

I taught skill based classes in doctors’ offices from 2013-2018.  The goal was to give stress/anxiety management strategies to as many people as possible.  I loved teaching these classes and now offer them online to adults around the world.  Click Here to Learn More.


Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

I taught my first workshop on Preventing Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in December, 2008.

Since then, my workshop has developed into an online training program called Caring Safely™ with students from around the world. What an amazing group of people to connect with! Click Here to Learn More About the Program.

I also speak about Compassion Fatigue at events at the Municipal, Provincial and National level.  Click Here to See Where I’ll be Next.


I Wrote a Book

Writing a book was on my bucket list since 2005.  In 2015, I published my first book called 20 Quick Strategies to Help Patients and Clients Manage Stress.

I wrote the book because in 2013, when I began working in doctors’ offices with other health care professionals (nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, diabetes educators, respiratory educators, community support workers, doctors, medical students and social workers), I was being approached with the same question, “I have a patient who is pretty stressed, but won’t come see you (either because of time or stigma), can you show me a quick strategy to help them how to manage stress?”.

So I wrote a book with the 20 most common strategies I’ve used with people for over a decade.  I included scripts, downloadable handouts and audio recording for relaxation strategies.  Click Here to Learn More About the Book


Let’s Connect

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