Good morning!

Last Friday I had the honour of speaking to 95 social workers at the Alberta College of Social Work conference about the impacts of regularly work with people who are in pain or suffering.

They shared some of their experiences from hoping for “no shows”, to gradually cutting back on taking meal and/or walking breaks, to even hiding from clients in the grocery store.

And I’m sure anyone in a helping profession, including nurses, psychologists, counselors, case workers, child protection workers, OTs, PTs, massage therapists and so on, can totally relate to this!

I taught them how to recognize the warning signs of compassion fatigue and burnout and how to protect themselves.

I told them about the new free video training I create so they could tell their colleagues where to learn this as well.

THEN after my presentation, I sauntered into the vendor area of the conference and saw the book vendor had a stack of my books.

I was so excited I asked a stranger to take a pic of me next to them! 

ALSO – I’m now offering “live” online classes in April and May. These classes are 90 minutes long, and live online, so you can ask questions while I’m teaching.  

I have a class on managing anxiety, depression, stress as well as an intro to mindfulness meditation.  


If you want to see the free online compassion fatigue training – CLICK HERE!